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Elder Scadden

Where's Gregory?

Where's Gregory?
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Once upon a time in Albania (March 1 2010)

Hello all from Albania!

I hope everyone is well. I am doing just fine. This entire week I've been inside in the mornings, still because of my foot ridiculousness. Today I'll be speaking with the doctor in Germany to explore some other options of finding out what is wrong. Hopefully we will start to get over this this week. I am starting to lose weight because of the muscle mass I'm losing from not working out! That's alright, its all replaceable (btw when I say losing weight I'm not talking about a huge amount of weight, don't worry). Earlier this week I was getting really frustrated and irritated with the situation and was ready to just go out and work the whole day without a cane and just see if it would get bad enough that we could obviously tell what it was (not really logically, but I was pretty dang frustrated). Through this whole ordeal I've been seeking for guidance from the Lord but up to this point I hadn't received anything I'd term direct instruction. Finally, at this time of rashness, I asked Elder Thackeray for a blessing of council. That indeed was the answer to my prayers and pleadings. It was simple: Endure and be patient. It was a powerful moment and a testimony builder for me of the power of the priesthood. Since then I have been in a much better mood about the whole situation.

Have any of you heard of a new film produced by the church called 2010, a Brand new year? It is a film based around For the Strength of Youth with segments for each topic. We've had the opportunity to watch segments of it as we help the Ahlborns get ready for the up coming super Saturday. I just wanted to say that it is awesome. The church is really starting to produce well done, enjoyable films. I would highly encourage those involved with the youth (like dad) to see that it is at least occasionally used. I am hoping that we will get an opportunity to watch all of it soon. As I watched it I received a much greater hope for my generation in the church. We all are growing up being told that we are a special generation and after watching segments of this film that has members all over the world I really started to believe that. My cynicism for my generation was dampened somewhat, though not for those outside of the church (LOL) I always enjoy reading the things produced for the youth because they emphasize the basics and the firm foundation that is really important to a life time of faithfulness.

Man, some days It seems like I have too much time for emails, and others that I have too little. Today is one of those too little days. Anyway, I think that I will just end here. I apologize for the shortness, don't worry, you aren't missing anything special. Just a story about busting a huge dresser as we tried to get it into a communist apartment building in a very poorly thought out manner. Fortunately Elder Thackeray only got mud all over his hands and not all over himself.

Oh, briefly I do just wish to say that days are a lot better when we don't complain, even if we have good reason. Yesterday I made the goal to not talk about any of the pains that I've been having throughout my body (now that I am off my ridiculous Advil dosage, I think my body is going through withdrawal, so everything was hurting for a number of days). It was one of the happier days I've had recently. Its funny how our words reflect our attitudes and then tend to deepen the feelings that we are expressing. I don't know if that made sense. Anyway, I know that this is the lords work and it is a blessing to be here. The Lord is watching over us. I thank you all for your support, love, and prayers, and may God be with you!

Elder Skadi

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