Elder Scadden

Elder Scadden

Where's Gregory?

Where's Gregory?
Gregory is now home.
This is a moderated BLOG. Gregory does not make posts nor does he read or monitor this BLOG. His family maintains it for him.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home from Albania

Gregory came home from Albania on Tuesday, March 31, due to medical issues. He has received an honorable release. For now we are working on having him restored to full health. The option exists for him to return to a mission to complete his term. This is dependent on his physical condition, his desires and especially the will of the Lord.

Anyone wishing to contact him may do so on his gmail address or you may call him at home. There are no restrictions on his social interactions.

Further posts to this blog will be suspended for the time being.

Thanks to all of his friends and family for your wonderful support.

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